Living Lakes Canada is a national network whose mission is to protect, restore and rehabilitate the health of lakes, wetlands, rivers, other water bodies, and watersheds in Canada.

The Living Lakes Network

Wildsight, with the participation of the Global Nature Fund and the Lake Winnipeg Foundation, established Living Lakes Canada in 2010 to unite lake associations and water stewardship groups throughout the country.

All three organizations share the common goal of conserving ecosystems for humans and nature and strive for the protection of lakes, streams, wetlands and watersheds.

Living Lakes Canada is part of Living Lakes International, a global network of non-government associations that share the mission to enhance the protection, restoration and rehabilitation of lakes, rivers, wetlands and watersheds throughout the world. Find out more here: Living Lakes International.

Connecting Science to Action

Through the Living Lakes Canada network, organizations connect to collaborate in the monitoring, protection, restoration and policy development for long-term protection of Canada’s water bodies. We focus on watershed protection through the following areas:
  • Citizen science and Community-based watershed monitoring (CBM)
  • Innovative policy and management planning
  • Protection of sensitive or critical freshwater ecosystems
  • Watershed awareness and stewardship education
  • Sustainable water use
  • Restoration of degraded watersheds

Collaborations and Partnerships

Living Lakes national networks have been developed in China, Italy and Germany, and regional networks have been established for Eastern Europe, Latin America and Eastern Africa.

These networks promote cooperation among groups striving to protect their lakes, rivers, wetlands and watersheds, and support projects in the field of eco-tourism, organic agriculture, sustainable fisheries, renewable energy, protection and preservation of biodiversity and community development.

Freshwater organizations in Canada are invited to join Living Lakes Canada to link science with action, to foster citizen-based water stewardship, and to help understand and appreciate the intimate connections between watershed stewardship, water quality, resource sustainability, climate change and biodiversity. Living Lakes Canada works with the following organizations:

  • Global Nature Fund
  • Lake Winnipeg Foundation
  • Environment Canada
  • Canadian Water Network
  • University of Waterloo Water Policy and Governance Group
  • Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation Freshwater Advisory
  • WWF Canada
  • Pacific Streamkeepers Federation
  • POLIS Project on Ecological Governance
  • Waterlution
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Western Watersheds Research Collaborative
  • Columbia Basin Watershed Network
  • Kootenay Lake Partnership
  • UN Water For Life Decade Canada
  • SFU-ACT (Action Climate Team)
  • Canadian Freshwater Alliance
  • Canadian Columbia River Inter-tribal Fisheries Commission
  • Selkirk College
  • Rural Development Institute
  • Columbia Basin Trust Environmental Strategic Planning Advisory

Our Team

  • Avery Deboer-Smith
    Avery Deboer-SmithProgram Coordinator
  • Heather Leschied
    Heather LeschiedProgram Director
  • Kat Hartwig
    Kat HartwigExecutive Director
  • Megan Peloso
    Megan PelosoResearcher
  • Raegan Mallinson
    Raegan MallinsonWater Stewardship Coordinator

Advisory Board

  • Deborah Harford
    Deborah HarfordAdvisor
  • Bruce MacDonald
    Bruce MacDonaldFish Habitat Biologist, Advisor, Consultant
  • Hans Schreier
    Hans SchreierAdvisor
  • Robert Sandford
    Robert SandfordAdvisor
  • Oliver Brandes
    Oliver BrandesAdvisor
  • David Schindler
    David SchindlerAdvisor
  • Merrell-Ann Phare
    Merrell-Ann PhareAdvisor
  • R. Allen Curry
    R. Allen CurryAdvisor
  • Karen Kun
    Karen KunAdvisor
  • Allan Casey
    Allan CaseyAdvisor