• Paul Bach
      Paul BachBoard Member

      Dr. Paul Bach lived in the Columbia Valley for 10 years prior to moving to Vancouver where he now lives. He has travelled throughout many of Canada’s remote and rural areas as a physician serving smaller communities, including the Canadian high Arctic, the Atlantic provinces as well the BC interior including the Columbia Valley. Paul has been a director for the Land Conservancy of BC and has over 10 years of board experience in the non for profit sector. As a physician, scientist, and environmental advocate, Paul understands the vital interconnections between the health of our ecosystems, the health of our planet and the health of humans and the health of water that connects them all.

    • Lynne Grillmair
        Lynne GrillmairBoard Member

        Lynne Grillmair was born in Vancouver, B.C. and grew up in the Lower Mainland and graduated from UBC with a Bachelor’s degree in Art History, Food Chemistry and Nutrition. Lynne worked for Canadian Mountain Holidays for 20 years, overseeing, household and kitchen staff, and provided management training.  She also attended Alberta College of Art to pursue a painting career while taking workshops from internationally renowned Canadian and American artists . Lynne has held art exhibits across Canada over the past 20 years and continues to work on innovative art projects including being the representative artist for the East Kootenay Health District to promote breast feeding, via a multi -media exhibitions. Lynne works with elementary school students teaching drawing and painting via the Art Starts program.  Lynne lives with her husband in Brisco BC where she has her art studio and continues to paint .

      • Jane Fleet
          Jane FleetBoard Member

          Jane Fleet is a family doctor who has lived and worked in Invermere BC for the last 7 years. Prior to this Jane practiced as physician. for many years in Nunavut and in South Africa, as well as for shorter periods in other rural and remote regions of Canada.  Jane is a outdoor enthusiast and has a strong interest in keeping the environment healthy for future generations.   Jane lives in Invermere with her family.