Living Lakes International

Living Lakes International was created in 1998 by Germany’s Global Nature Fund and is now a network of 102 members, composed of 33 international partner lakes as well as 13 candidates, 55 national partners and the honorary member, Lake Vostok, in Antarctica.

Living Lakes strives for effective protection of water in the most important lakes and watersheds around the world. Living Lakes was awarded the distinction of Official Project of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014. Living Lakes designates a yearly ‘Threatened Lake of the Year’ to the world’s most impacted lake. This dubious distinction was bestowed on Lake Winnipeg in 2013.

The International network facilitates the exchange of ideas and advice among members, supports the initiation and implementation of joint water stewardship projects, and fosters awareness and education of common, globally distributed environmental problems.

Living Lakes national networks have been developed in Canada, China, Italy and Germany, and regional networks have been established for Eastern Europe, Latin America and Eastern Africa. These networks promote cooperation among groups striving to protect their lakes, rivers, wetlands and watersheds, and support projects in the field of eco-tourism, organic agriculture, sustainable fisheries, renewable energy, protection and preservation of biodiversity and community development.