I Love
My Lake

Canadians have a love affair with water.

Make your lake love affair public. Get involved in water projects in your area.

Show your love! And stick it in style.

We’ve got stickers. Not only are they great on bumpers, put them on your bike, trailer, boat, board, bottle or even skis (we love water even in the winter). Want to raise awareness around your lake? We can produce customizable ‘I [Heart] My Waterbody’ stickers for your lake, river, or wetland. Let’s get creative! Contact us at info@livinglakes.ca.

Show your love! Post your #ilovemylake photos to our Instagram feed.

Show us your favourite waterbody (we love water even in the winter) by taking a picture using instagram and tag the photo with the #ilovemylake hashtag. If you don’t use instagram (and don’t want to learn) email us at info@livinglakes.ca.

Show your love! It’s time to declare it in a video!

Many of us have a favourite lake, river, pond or stream that holds a special place in our heart.

Send us a video that publicly declares your love for a lake, river, stream or any body of water that’s special to you. We’ll add it to our video gallery so others can see how much Canadians care about our waters.

What should you include in your video?

  • Your name and where you’re from
  • Which lake or water body you love and why

Send us an email at info@livinglakes.ca with this information and a link to your video on YouTube or Vimeo.

Below you’ll find videos of people who have declared their love for lakes and water bodies.


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