Empowering Canadians to take care of the water central to their lives.

Our Objectives

  • To conserve the biodiversity and ecological integrity of lakes, rivers, wetland ecosystems and their watersheds.
  • To restore altered and disappearing wetlands and lake ecosystems.
  • To encourage the use of best management practices towards the conservation and restoration of
    these ecosystems.
  • To enhance the quality of management of aquatic ecosystems through the development and refinement of planning, policy, monitoring, enforcement, and regulatory tools.
  • To promote standardized aquatic ecosystem monitoring and classification methods for science based decisions on development, restoration and protection projects.
  • To support educational programs for local communities, stakeholders and users that illustrate the importance of preserving ecosystem biodiversity and function.
  • To disseminate information relevant to these ecosystems
  • To contribute to the protection of lakes, rivers and wetland ecosystems worldwide by exchanging information and other support through the international Living Lakes Network.

Projects Categories

Policy & Governance