Help us protect, restore and rehabilitate Canada’s lakes, rivers, wetlands and watersheds.
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Meet our people and experts.

Explore Living Lakes International, a global network of non-government associations that share the mission to enhance the protection, restoration and rehabilitation of watersheds throughout the world.

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Through the Living Lakes Canada network, organizations connect to collaborate in the monitoring, protection, restoration and policy development for long-term protection of Canada’s water bodies. Come see how we focus on watershed protection.

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Check out how Living Lakes Canada and our national network projects are engaged in collaborating for all lakes, wetlands and waterbodies of Canada to be healthy, functioning ecosystems.

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No matter your culture, creed, or profession, nothing connects Canadians quite like our water.

20% of the world’s freshwater reserves can be found beneath our skates, flowing from our taps, and reflecting summer sunsets alongside family and friends.

At Living Lakes Canada, our goal is to bring you closer to the lake, river, or wetland that you love. Explore our resources to better understand the issues facing your favourite water body, and rely upon our science to spread your passion among your community.

Make your lake love affair public! Get involved in water projects in your area.

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